Automated Consistency Analysis

PERCH now also offers an extended package including a module for Automated Consistency Analysis (ACA) also available in Bruker's TopSpin 3.0 as CMC-i.

NEW: Interactive Tool for Spectral Analysis

PERCH now also offers an interactive tool to it's revolutionary Automated Consistency Analysis (ACA). This tool provides a graphical user interface for interactive spectral analysis in cases the automatic procedure cannot assign the spectrum completely.

PERCH NMR Software

The main product PERCH NMR Software is a tool for analytical automation of NMR spectral data in chemical and pharmaceutical research & development.

PERCH Tools for Bruker

PERCH's NMR prediction and the Molecular Modeling System MMS are also included in BRUKER's TopSpin and AMIX software.


PERCH NMR Software modules are available for download

R&D - Consulting

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